Family and Friends - 2009

Some November beach shots and family Thanksgiving - November 26, 2009

The Wards at the Chumash gatering

Syuxtun Story Circle Mosaic - Chumash gathering - November 7, 2009
Tomols on the Ocean

Jills Birthday, Jason, Jill and Brandon

Jill's 60th Birthday Party - July 11, 2009

Nat and his adult education teacher, Trisha
Nat and his Adult Education teacher, Trisha

SBCC Adult Ed Graduation - June 5, 2009

Santa Barbara Cemetery

Santa Barbara Cemetery - January 10, 2009

This is a very peaceful meditative cemetery garden, even though I find it a bit unsettling seeing palm trees, oaks and cyprus together. But that's Santa Barbara for you. There are special views of the ocean and the mountains from this place. Memorial art with the stone crosses, mausoleums and other markers as well as the flat headstones was a new art form for me to discover. They are putting photo images on stones now, but I worry about how long the ink will hold under the sun and rain. The gentle respect for loved ones and a peoples heart felt gestures to ones no longer here is a sentimental and soothing thing to contemplate while walking around.

The Santa Barbara Cemetery internment dates start at 1860. There are over 46,000 individuals listed for this cemetery. I found a listing of the graves after I went there at CAGenWeb: part of the USGenWeb Project. Actually the google link into the Santa Barbara CAGenWeb site worked best. I wish I would of used the list before I went. However it is nice to have a reason to go back.

I was disappointed that I could not find my grandparents grave. I plan to go back and find Grandma and Grandpa Buse's Grave using the information I got at the USGenWeb Project site: BUSE, Bertha, F, May 18, 1897, Apr 26, 1980, 82, SB, CA, WELCH RYCE HAIDER, Apr 29, 1980, Mountain View, Block- C- Grave- 238 and BUSE, Fred, C., M, Jul 8, 1900, Apr 13, 1973, 72 SB, CA, WELCH RYCE, Apr 26, 1973, Mountain View, Block- C- Grave- 237.

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