Red tailed Hawk

Bird Pictures Mostly from Devereux Slough, Goleta Slough, Coal Oil Point
and Sands Beach in Santa Barbara County

Snowy Plover
Snowy Plovers



Brown Pelicans

COPR Birds
Devereux - Coal Oil Point Reserve

Ocean Meadows
Ocean Meadows - Storke

UCSB Lagoon
UCSB Lagoon

Goleta Slough
Goleta Slough

Turkey Vulture


Sands Gaviota Oil Spill

COPR - Gaviota Oil Spill, May 2015

Coal Oil Point Reserve experienced the effects of the Gaviota Oil Spill. These photos were taken from the day after the spill up the coast near Refugio to when the effects showed up. Many biologist and others working for non-profits and government agencies participated in the efforts to monitor and see what could be done to mitigate the damage and try to protect wildlife. May 21-26, 2015, at UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reseve, Goleta and Santa Barbara, California

Pelicans riding a wave

COPR - May 16, 2015

Beautiful day at Sands Beach, Brown Pelicans diving in flight and riding waves, Banded Plover with chick

Snowy Plover and chick legs

COPR - May 13, 2015

Coal Oil Point Reserve on May 13, 2015, Snowy Plovers, Snowy Plovers with chicks, Snowy Plover Chicks, dune flowers and beach shots

Goleta Beach

Goleta Beach and Goleta Slough on the Audubon Christmas Bird count day - January 4, 2014 Slideshow

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