Bird Pictures Mostly from Devereux Slough, Goleta Slough, Coal Oil Point
and Sands Beach in Santa Barbara County

Summer 2008

Elegent Terns at COPR

Coal Oil Point Reserve - August 2008

Plovers (black-bellied, snowy, semi-palmated and golden), Egrets (including reddish), Herons, Phalaropes, Terns and habitat changes.

Western Grebe with chicks

Lake Cachuma Trip, Western grebe Aechmophorus occidentalis, Grebe chicks, Mergansers - August 8, 2008

Redish egret at Devereux
Reddish Egret at Devereux Slough

Devereux Slough at Coal Oil Point Reserve - Low water makes the feeding easy for a big group of waders and other fishing birds, Reddish egret, Herons, Egrets, Terns, Belted Kingfisher, Phalarope - August 4, 2008

Snowy Plover chicks

Coal Oil Point Reserve - Sands Beach, July 2008
Snowy Plover Chicks, Terns, shorebirds

Lisa Stratton
Devereux, Ellwood (North parcel tour with Lisa Stratton) and Goleta Slough - July 2008

Elegat Terns
Elegant Terns at Devereux Slough Mouth - July 19, 2008

Elegant Tern flock and Brown Pelican flock at Devereux Slough Mouth - July 19, 2008

SB Audubon Auction

Santa Barbara Audubon Auction at Creekspirit in Mission Canyon - June 29, 2008, Feather the Nest


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